Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Project Management Careers Clinics

Our friends at Arras People are celebrating their seventh anniversary this April and, to commemorate, they’re offering a series of several free Project Management Careers Clinics on the 27th April. Normally offered throughout each and every weekday at a nominal cost, the PMC Clinics were first offered for free at the Project Challenge Spring Show 2009 last month in Birmingham, to widespread acclaim and praise from those who participated.

"In a month where we have a lot of good memories to look back on, we felt that offering the clinics free of charge for one day during our birthday month would be the best way of saying thanks to the people who have been instrumental to our development these last seven years," said Dan Strayer, Marketing Co-ordinator at Arras People. "And when you get down to it, the Project Management Careers Clinic is one of the most popular tools we have to show that we are here for our candidates as well. Any way you cut it, everybody is a winner this month with Arras People."

The clinics themselves are 30 minute, 1-2-1 telephone consultations with the project management recruitment consultant are ideal for any project professional looking for advice on their careers. These career consultations can be accessed by anyone looking for help and advice in these areas:
• Facing redundancy - gain advice on refreshing your CV, applications, advice on what to do next
• Just started looking for a new role - is your CV doing the best it can for you?
• Long-term unemployment - gain advice on your CV and how to find your next role
• Looking to get into project management? Gain advice on your CV and practical tips on breaking into PM.
• Looking to switch careers? Gain advice and practical tips on getting into a project management role.
• Frustrated with your job search? CV health check and advice on what recruitment consultants are really looking for.
• Need to understand the job market? Advice on current salary and day rates in the UK project management market.
• Need advice on project management training? Understand more about the accreditations and courses UK employers look for.
• Careers development advice - Need external benchmarking information to help prepare you for an internal performance review or salary review? Not sure which direction you should take your career?
The Project Management Careers Clinics have been a popular and useful service to over 600 project management professionals over the last three years. Sign up here.

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