Friday, 17 April 2009

PRINCE2 for Girls – we can’t get enough of it!

It is official: our first PRINCE2 for Girls course is a total HIT.

For starters, it generated a lot of news (we've even made some noise Down Under!) …and polemic: everyone was asking if it is fair to single out one gender from a course. Well, we never wanted to cause such stir; our aim was to offer all the ladies working in Project Management a chance to take part on a girly event! Now, boys, if you think there should be a PRINCE2 course just for you, just let us know your ideas and thoughts!

Speaking of the ladies, we heard from them that they had a great time on the ‘girls only’ environment and that they loved the post-exam massages, nibbles and nice music – we’re sure it helped them unwind from a difficult morning. However, the best news of them all is that ALL OF THEM PASSED THEIR PRACTITIONER EXAM WITH FLYING COLOURS! Congratulation, girls, we are really happy that you achieved this!

Our trainer Narinder Dhaliwal, a regular writer for this blog, trained these successful chicks and is sharing her thoughts with us today. Read on!

"What an interesting week I had back in March. I was running a PRINCE2 course for girls, how exciting! Well I must say having run the event it was all I had expected it to be and more. The week was full of fun, humour and plenty of questions! The ladies were all from professional backgrounds, and more interesting for me I had ladies from various parts of the world all sharing their own experiences from back home. This is what I love about training, it’s not just about training them on what PRINCE2 is, it’s also about us learning from them how they do projects now, and what experiences they have had of PRINCE2.

That week was no ordinary week for them either, as we had the G20 summit happening too, so as you can imagine not only were we focusing on PRINCE2, but we also talked plenty about what was happening outside on the streets – and we all know how close the Maven Training Centre is to the two main protest sites (Bank of England and Bishops Gate)! Well, I am pleased to say that all the ladies made it in every morning without fail, and we had no real problems at all.

To finish off I would like to say that from training perspective I found the training very interesting, as the ladies most certainly asked more questions compared to other courses I have run, when the guys can at times be the ones who ask the majority of the questions. I also found that the group mixed very well and it was clear to see that from day one. I would most certainly recommend more courses like this!"

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