Monday, 2 February 2009

Changes on the M_o_R Exam

What a day today, eh? All this snow (the heaviest for 18 years!), people stuck at home for lack of trains/ buses/ tube (delete as appropriate), major traffic issues... but the landscape is just SO pretty! We at Maven Training managed to deliver our services normally: our courses ran, our people who didn't make it to the office worked from home - it was business as usual, despite the chaos. That, dear readers, is what we call a great team - I heard (I'm one of the people worlking from home) that our CEO Melanie Franklin was even more delighted with Maven than she usually is, so here's to the team, Mel!

On a second note, we have an important piece of news to give you, about the changes on the M_o_R Practiotioner Examination. What used to be an essay-based exam is now an OTE (Objective Testing) format - that is, an objectively marked assessment, which lasts three hours (including reading time). For this test, each of the nine questions is worth 20 marks, giving a maximum of 180 marks in the paper - pass mark is 50%. The exam is an 'open book' examination, which means delegates can make use of Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners (the Management of Risk 'guide') published by TSO.

Want to know more about M_o_R (no pun intended)? Click here!

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