Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Qualifications and Skills Briefing: Programme Management within the NHS

We thought we should use the blog to help spread this news: our CEO, Melanie Franklin will be conducting a free half-day briefing for NHS Senior Managers, Senior Project Managers, Programme Managers and Directors on why project, programme and change management are relevant and important to the changes currently being made within the NHS. An experienced Project and Programme Manager herself, and having worked with PCTs at both Board level and Clinical Board level, Melanie understands the challenges they face.

The briefing will explain how the requirements resulting from the Darzi recommendations and the impact of World Class Commissioning (to name but two initiatives) will necessitate changes to working practices in the NHS, and the resulting increases in the types of service and the location in which services are offered. Another key initiative that PCTs are expected to deliver is the Tackling Health Inequality programme, whose aim is to ensure that everyone has access to adequate medical and social care. Care Pathways are part of this programme and are designed to ensure there is an appropriate response to patient’s needs.

In Melanie’s words: “The impact of these changes will lead to another change in the structure of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and their relationships with Acute and Mental Health Trusts, Ambulance Services, the voluntary sector and the local authority. They have big implications for how the PCTs organise themselves and the timetable for delivery is both tight and non-negotiable. World Class Commissioning is a large-scale change programme whereby PCTs are expected to separate providers and buyers services in order to be able to commission the best service providers. Practice-based commissioning (PBC) is part of this programme, allowing groups of family doctors and community clinicians to develop better services for their local communities. All of this work can most effectively be defined, agreed and implemented using MSP™ (Managing Successful Programmes) underpinned with a strong project management ethos,” Melanie says. “But without this approach, staff at all levels are likely to find themselves confused about the direction of the organisation and the contribution they are expected to make. We’ll be examining the strategic importance of programmes, and the structure that needs to be in place to support the successful definition, management and completion of programmes. We’ll also compare and contrast the definitions for project and programme management, change management and business as usual, and see how these different areas of work contribute to the success of an organisation.”

The briefing will address how the implementation of programme management demands a culture that supports matrix management and performance management – delegates will be able to see examples of how this has been achieved in different organisation and to review the strategic importance of defining and implementing projects and programmes, as well as seeing how the origin of the different projects and programmes is likely to affect those involved.

The briefing will also give delegates a feel for our services, venues, trainers and their approach to training. Attendees will gain an understanding of different types of qualifications and skills-based courses available for individuals and organisations, and how these fit into the development plans for people performing different management roles within their organisation.

This event will benefit Senior Managers, Senior Project Managers, Programme Managers and Directors. The schedule will run from 8:45 for a 9:30 start to 11:30 followed by a questions&answers session.

Event details:

Where: Manchester Business Park, UK
When: 26th February
Time: 9.30-11.30
Cost: Free

Want to book? Contact Sam Tuckey on 020 7089 6161 or email


  1. Hi Maven Training,
    Thanks for listing Making project management better on your blog list. Our goal of providing a resource of good information for project managers dovetails nicely with your own.

    Wish you well,
    Alec Satin, PMP

  2. Hi Alec! Thanks for your comment. We reckon our aim is pretty similar to yours - the title 'making project management better' says it all! Hope to see you here again. Warm regards!