Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Maven Training Accelerated Learning in new APM courses

Are you a Latte or Americano?....join Maven Training’s new cafe style APM courses.

Maven Training brings it’s renown passion and experience to the Association of Project Management range of Certificate courses launching in January in London. These courses showcase the new accelerated learning techniques that help delegates learn quickly and efficiently so that they are ready to use their new skills when they return to the office.

Maven Training is not selling coffee but they do use the Cafe Style Learning in their new APMIC and APMP. You may think that you are going to spend a the time sitting quietly making notes while your trainer works through the syllabus. But on a Maven APMIC and APMP course you have to do a bit more which helps you to learn faster and better.

Just as we all like our favourite style of coffee, we all have different learning styles. You may already know whether your style is visual, aural, read/write or kinaesthetic. All of these learning styles are catered for with cafe style course where the delegates sit in small groups so that they can discuss the life-like exercises with their co-learners and then report back their findings. This satisfies the audio and kinaesthetic learners as they can and be involved with discussions about what they would expect to deal with in the scenario given.

You may not be Picasso but if your learning style is visual then your drawing skills will be used to help you to study and understand the structure of leadership and management. The APMIC and APMP courses are unique in that it allow delegates to gain practical skills for how to implement their project. Married with practical training techniques this course is an enjoyable and effective way to increase the effectiveness of Project Managers.

APMIC is the Association of Project Management Introductory Certificate which combined with the Practitioner qualification, covers project lifecycle, Project Management as a job, feasibility analysis, business case and risks, project planning, scheduling, quality and change control, documents, deliverables, people, sign off, hand over and lessons learned.

APMIC and APMP is an established qualification but Maven Training gives it a fresh approach by introducing these accelerated learning techniques to help delegates enjoy their course and quickly gain skills that will be invaluable in their workplace.

The industry's view of Maven’s APM courses :

• "We are thrilled to bring our expertise and skills in accelerated learning to the APM qualifications ." Melanie Franklin - CEO – Maven Training

• "Our approach to the APMIC and APMP qualifications is to give the delegate a clear understanding with experienced trainers and well laid out and clear course notes.” Lisa Peacey - Senior Course Developer – Maven Training

Please check our website at www.maventraining.co.uk for further information on these courses.

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