Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Project Management 2010 Benchmark Report

As a valued partner of Arras people (Project Management Recruitment) we are helping promote their ‘Project Management Benchmark Report for 2010. This report covers the project management industry in areas such as salaries, rates, gender, current climate, and specific project management areas like professional bodies, competency and the outlook for 2010.

The kind of questions which are to be asked are based around current issues and hot topics within the PPM arena including statistics on salaries, remuneration and day rates so that a database can be created so comparisons can be drawn on last years statistics.

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2009 Survey Highlights

  • Recession has hit the project management market, with the majority of professionals fearing redundancies and cuts

  • Over a third of all respondents said they were ‘worse off’ last year and 22% of freelancer experienced decreased rates, with a significant number (11%) experiencing cuts of more than 10%

  • Employees feared better than contractors with salary expectations being met in 2008

  • Project Managers are a resilient lot. Despite the widespread doom and gloom, only 8% described their personal situation as ‘gloomy’, 63% described their situation as ‘steady’ and 18% as ‘neutral’

  • A massive 84% of Project Management Professionals believe they have a significant role to play in helping the UK economy out of its current difficulties

  • Public sector employees are better protected than private. Twice as many private sector employees and 5% more contractors expect rewards to fall in 2009

  • The gender pay gap is not closing

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