Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I’ve heard change management is beneficial, but I don’t know how it works. What does it involve?

Change Management involves analysing the current capability for change; identifying any resistance and barriers to implementing the change; and then determining an appropriate approach and plan for implementation. The aim is to minimise the level of disruption that individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole experience when the change is introduced. Organisations that are skilled in successfully delivering change will benefit from a decrease in the cost and time required to action the change, together with an increase in the probability of the change being accepted by stakeholders.

For Change Management to be successful an appropriate approach to implementation needs to be in place that focuses on delivering change in a visible, controlled and orderly fashion. Some of the factors that need to be considered in determining the best implementation approach are:

· Investigating and defining the change: Do we know the true scope of the change? Are we clear on what the change vision is? What resistance can we expect, from who, and when? What are the key activities that we need to include in our Change Plan?

· Developing the change: Do we need the support of certain influential stakeholders to ensure successful delivery? Is there support for the change at all levels of the organisation (executive through front line management)?

· Transitioning the change: What training and coaching will be offered to those affected? How will stakeholders be supported through the transition? How will successes be celebrated and new behaviours rewarded? When and how will the newly embedded behaviours, attitudes and beliefs be measured?

Carving the right approach to change requires a sound understanding of Change Management principles. Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of employing exceptional change teams to deliver successful change – which could explain the increased interest in developing Change Management intelligence.

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