Friday, 15 May 2009

P3O – the discussion continues

The P3O posts from 05th May and 06th May have generated some discussion.

Our trainer Michelle Rowland has heard from one of our delegates that they really liked the idea of having a vision for the Programme Office, as organisations hardly ever have one, and staff constantly get queries about what they do, or whether they should take on business-as-usual services on top of their programme office functions.

Another one of our trainers, Helle Falholt (based in Denmark), believes that this delegate’s statement captures the essence of why people may be sceptical about P3O – many have seen initiatives including some of the ideas behind P3O, and witnessed them fail (because of a lack of Vision, no Blueprint, no stated benefits etc). She goes on saying that it is hard to claim success if nobody recognises what the Programme Office was supposed to deliver – and how can one say they’re on the right track, if the organisation doesn’t know where it’s going? It appears that, in general, delegates agree that three things are necessary for good implementation of a P3O: Vision, Sponsor, Funding – in that order.

What do you think? Please share your comments and thoughts with us!

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