Monday, 11 May 2009

The importance of certificates

By Helle Falholt, PRINCE2® and MSP™ Trainer at Peak Consulting, Denmark.

For some time now we have seen independent consultants coming to our classes to become PRINCE2® qualified in order to get assignments in an increasingly competitive market.

Lately I have started to see a different variety: People who are employed (private or public sector) but pay for their education themselves. When asked why, they all say the same thing: "my employer won't pay for education, so I need a certificate which will enable me to go elsewhere"!

I do wonder if that is a wise strategy. Although it is true that there are more people applying for every job opening now than just 6-8 months ago it is still very expensive to loose a good employee. The people I have met are bright and ambitious and none of them plan to let their present employer gain from their new qualifications.

You might ask: "Wouldn't these people leave their company anyway?" Well, that depends. If organisations not only train people, but also implement PRINCE2® as part of their governance structure, an environment where people are able to use their new skills effectively and grow their abilities is embedded, and there is more return on the investment at the same time. Employees are less likely to leave if they feel appreciated and can grow with their company.

Even if some employees do leave – the organisation will have gained by implementing PRINCE2®. One can look for a person with PRINCE2® qualifications and concentrate on their experience and achievements knowing that they have an interface that fits with the organisation, making it easier for them to become productive.

Am I the only one who sees the outline of a viable Business Case here? Share your comments with us!


  1. Hi there
    Had a question put to me by a PM, "I would like to sit the exams in June,should I wait for the new Prince 2? Will i be able to self study P2009?"
    Be interested to hear your thoughts?

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Answering your questions – no, people are advised not to wait for the new PRINCE2, given the underlying concepts of the methodology are not changing and the structure of the examinations remains the same. And yes, people will be able to self-study for the 2009 version – as much as they are able to self-study for the 2005 edition, but we of course recommend that they take the training as it gives more than just the qualification at the end: you actually learn how to apply the knowledge.

    FYI, we will be publishing, later this very week, our ‘PRINCE2:2009 Quick Guide – All you've always wanted to know but didn't know who to ask”, which, I’m sure, will answers such questions – as soon as the it's made live (here and on our website), I’ll let you know.