Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Red Nose Day – Friday 13 March 2009

Well it is that time of year again and to offset some of the economic doom & gloom, we at Maven Training are going to put something positive back into the world.

£10 donation for every booking made on Friday: Maven Training will donate to Red Nose Day the proceeds from this activity. Any booking made – whatever or whenever the course – will result in £10 being donated from the proceeds. If delegates want to match this with a donation of their own, we would welcome it.

Dress-down Friday: all staff will come to work in dress-down. There are two stipulations: (a) our outfit must have something red and (b) Senior Management would ask that staff donate at least £1 (but if possible, £5).

Food: those of us with culinary skills – if a cake is made, each slice can be bought for £1 on the Friday.

Maven Training Centre: while it is exam day, we will have a collection bucket in the reception area with a big red nose drawn on it. Also, we will get some croissants/chocolate cakes available to be purchased by delegates first thing for £1 (or whatever they want to donate).

Regional or corporate courses: if any one of our corporate clients wishes to donate or if we have courses running regionally, any donations can be added to the pot.

So, this is what Maven Training is going to do for this special date – please share with us what you and your organisation are planning to do too!

Happy Red Nose Day!!!

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