Monday, 23 March 2009

The Maven Training Course Matrix – find out which course is right for you

If you are working in Project and Programme Management and want to increase your skills and knowledge but are not sure which training course will suit you, we at Maven Training have something that will certainly help you: The Maven Training Scale of Learning.

The Maven Training Scale of Learning, sweetly nicknamed the “Training Matrix” by our staff, covers courses in Project, Programme, Change and Risk Management. It also includes the Maven Training Skills Academy™ courses, which focus on skills like communication, leadership and conflict management.
The Matrix clearly lays out the courses so you can see which ones are appropriate to you.

Our CEO, Melanie Franklin says that there is a lot of choice in some of the areas of programme and project management training, and not very much choice at all in other areas, but our Training Matrix tries to make sense of what is on offer, so people can easily see what is appropriate to them and also how much time they need to allocate in order to attend a course.

There are courses which will help people at all levels develop basic knowledge and skills needed to work effectively and successfully in a project and programme-based environment, as well as those wanting to expand their essential understanding and gain the required skills to work efficiently.

If you would like to get one-to-one advice on which courses are suitable for you, come visit us at Project Challenge this week (25th – 26th March)!

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