Friday, 25 June 2010

One of lead trainers has just sent us this despatch from foreign parts ... read on - a heart warming story

"Im in Slovakia this week, one male delegate calmly informs me at the start of the training on Monday his wife was called to hospital that morning as she was 2 weeks overdue with their first baby.
Midway through the morning of day 2 the call comes..... labour has started. He calmly picks up his books , makes a polite apology and leaves.
5 mins later we see his car pull back into the car park, he walks into our room and calmly asks me 'what is the homework for tonight please?'

Now that's commitment.

He turned up the next day 9am prompt, after supporting his wife through a 12hr labour and without fuss sits his foundation exam in the afternoon and scores the joint 2nd highest score out of 10 people

Mother and baby Victoria are doing well.

Best wishes
Justin, Maven Training

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