Monday, 15 June 2009

More on Programme Management

By Melanie Franklin, CEO, Maven Training.

We are getting a lot of demand from clients to help them with their programme management at the moment.

For example, lots of Primary Care Trusts in the NHS are creating new programmes to delivery World Class Commissioning, which means reorganising their internal processes. Other clients are reorganising to save money, and they need to get things done fast.

One of our clients told me the other day "I am not worried about whether we are doing it right – I just need it done. How can we get a cost reduction programme underway and delivering benefits NOW?"

In response, we have created a series of three-hour 'Quick Fix' workshops that cover all the difficult topics – scope and strategic objectives of the programme, defining benefits, being an effective sponsor.

These workshops are defined to get everyone on their feet and contributing their ideas – see the pictures of the ‘workshop in action’!

Are you under pressure to deliver quickly, and are you getting the message that 'we don't mind how, just get it done?' I would love to hear your views.

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